Vegan-friendly Peanut Butter

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How to make vegan-friendly peanut butter at home

Today, when everything you eat or available in the market is to some extent preservatives added or there are harmful chemicals. And that is not good for health.

Peanut Butter is a healthy food option but how if it comes with additives or preservatives? Why take a risk, make pure peanut butter at home. You’ll find the ingredients required easily and it doesn’t take much time (you can make it in 15 minutes). And yes, are you a vegan or practicing vegan lifestyle? Then, this recipe is must look for you.


1. Peanuts (Raw) – 4 cups

2. Peanut Oil (Other oil can be used in option) – 3-3 1/2 tbsp

3. Salt – 3 tbsp

4. Apple-based vegan honey / Maple Syrup – 4 tbsp

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Take peanuts in a cup. You can use roasted peanuts or roast them. Get your food processor out and add peanuts, vegan honey/maple syrup, and salt into the food processor container.

Process the peanuts with honey and salt in the food processor for 2-3 minutes.


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Stop the food processor once in a while and add some oil.

Until your butter gets fine, you can repeat the process. You can also adjust vegan honey/maple syrup and salt during the process. When it’s ready as you want it, store it.

Store your peanut butter in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. You can use to spread it on toast, bread, or wherever you want. To smoothen it up, you can use microwave once in a few days. You can use Nutella or chocolate chips to make chocolate or chocolate chips peanut butter.

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Calories 200
Fat 15 g
Carbohydrates 7 g
Protein 7 g
Calcium 17 mg
Iron 0.9 mg
Sugar 1.75 g
Potassium 200 mg

* Above given nutrition values are approximate values based on the general health data. I am not nutrition or expert in this so take the advice from the experts before you use it.

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