Crepes with Oranges and Honey

How to make Crepes with Oranges and Honey

Crepes are a mix version of pancakes and omelets. It is better to eat anytime and healthier than pancakes. Would you like to learn how to make this French recipe? I have made it super easy for you.


Ingredients for Crepes:

What How much
Flour 1 cup
Milk 1 1/2 Cup
Eggs 2
White Butter (unsalted) 2 tbsp
Salt As per taste
Cooking Oil As per taste
Oranges 2-3 nos

Equipment to make Crepes:

  • Crepe Pan or 10-inch Non-stick Pan (Click here to order one online)
  • Table Spoons
  • Cups
  • Spatula (Click here to order online)
  • Bowl
  • Whisk
  • Blender (Click here to order online)

How to make Crepes

Step-1: Take a bowl with flour and add milk, eggs, butter, salt sugar, and extracts or flavor if you are using any. Blend and whisk the mixture until properly mixed and smoothens.


Step-2: Cover the batter and keep it for 1 hr. or so.

Step-3: Take Crepe Pan or Large Pan and coat the bottom with oil. Heat it at medium flame. Add the batter in the pan.

Step-4: Make a layer of the batter and cook it. Keep flipping the layer once in a while.

Step-5: Once the Crepe is brownish as you want, put it onto the wire rack.

Step-6: Now add some butter and sugar in the empty pan. Cook over medium heat. Now add orange slices and cook it for 20-30 seconds. Add honey to it.

Step-7: Put oranges on folded crepes and drizzle with honey syrup.


Thanks for reading my Crepes with the orange and honey recipe. For more details message me on my profile.