Kafe Dely Ube Ensaymada

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We keep the tradition of making classic Ensaymadas homemade and handmade.

Despite the long rising time and tedious steps, what keeps our Ensaymadas special is the unparalleled patience, the amount of effort and the love we engrained into making them.

Making them extra special, is the divine surprise-center filling – our special homemade ube halaya (also available in tubs for 130php). Made purely from carefully selected deep purple ube roots – no artificial flavor or coloring added.

Kafé Dely Ensaymadas are always baked fresh and handcrafted with the right balance of ingredients. Over time, our bakers have perfected the right level of soft, sweet, fluffy, cheesy, ube-goodness and heavenly flavors that will surely melt in your mouth.

Available At:
Mandaue Cebu City
280Php - half dozen / 500Php - one dozen
Link to buy or payment: