Sunday Brunch – Muesli with fruits and Greek yogurt

Sunday brunch is always fascinating for me. I enjoy having Sunday brunch while having my book reading at the gallery of my room.

I would like to suggest Muesli with fruits and Greek yogurt as it’s my favorite brunch. It’s healthy as well as delicious.

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What Muesli with fruits and Greek yogurt contains?

First of all, I would suggest you make your own home-made muesli instead of buying packaged ones from the market. My Muesli contains the following ingredients. However, you can add or deduct anything as per your choice or convenience.

  • Whole Oats (25%)
  • Nuts (30%)
  • Wheat Flakes (10%)
  • Fruits (15%)
  • Greek Yogurt (20%)

Health Benefits of Muesli

  • Muesli is easy to digest than cereals as it contains fiber.
  • Yogurt, fruits, and nuts make it tastier.
  • Cereals and other breakfasts have sugar. Muesli is a gluten-free option and so healthy.
  • It’s full of protein. So, you can have it after morning work-out to fulfill your body’s protein requirement.
  • And there are a lot of other benefits.

You can find nutrition facts of Muesli on the link given below.