Traditional and Innovative Healthy Snack Option – Fruit Roll-ups

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Traditional and Innovative snack which is also healthy – Fruit Roll-ups

Nero Fruit Roll-Ups have resulted from a combination of traditional and innovative methods.We all know that eating fruit is healthy. On the other hand when it comes to consuming fruit, most of the time we see that the fruit we have bought eagerly from the market is rotten in the fridge, especialy the ones like strawberry, mulberry and raspberry.

So what should we do?
Considering the traditional fruit preserving methods for winter-summer season, thealternatives are limited. For example if we like strawberries, we simply make a jam of it. What if we do not want to use any sugar to preserve the fruit?

In most parts of Turkey, fruits like grape or mulberry are boiled and after an amount of starch is added to the liquid form of fruit, it is left to be dried to obtain “pestil” (fruit leather) consumed in
winter. However during the boiling process, fruit loses most of its flavour and vitamins. As the producers of Nero Fruit Roll-Ups, we have searched for an innovative approach to traditional fruit preserving methods. We have been experimenting and doing field researches on how to make fruit more enjoyable to eat while preserving all the vitamins and and improving the fibre ratio and flavour. Consequently we have blended the fruit grown in fertile lands of Turkey with quality local honey, improved its flavour and nutritive value by adding spices and reduced its humidity rate.

We have not added any other flavours, colours, additives or preservers. Registered Nero Fruit Roll-Ups are sugar- free, vegan, healthy and natural. They are enjoyable snacks for children and preferred by people who want to eat a healthy balanced diet and can be securely consumed as a meal in diet programmes.

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