Four types of coffee beans every coffee lover should know

Four types of coffee beans every coffee lover should know - foodnetizens blog

Four types of coffee beans every coffee lover should know

Coffee is one of the most exotic beverages in the entire world. Be it a Starbucks coffee or a homemade one. Almost everyone loves to savor the taste of this delicacy. However, rather than buying the coffee packets from the market, coffee lovers usually prefer to brew their coffee from freshly ground beans. And that’s where coffee beans come in.

Coffee beans are cultivated worldwide, mainly in Brazil, Africa, India, Australia, and Singapore. Even though the location and the climate differences set these beans apart, there are four major types of coffee beans you will find in the market, irrespective of where they are grown.

This article will discuss these beans and how they are different from each other to provide you with fundamental knowledge about your favorite beverage.


Arabica is one of the most popular beans in the world. Although it is hard to grow, several coffee brands worldwide use Arabica beans, thanks to the high quality and the unique essence. These beans are not bitter, and that’s why they are preferred so much. The texture is very smooth and fine, so making different types of coffee is easy with this bean variety. As far as the taste notes are concerned, it greatly depends on the area and the Arabica beans’ climate. For example, Indonesian beans will have an earthy tone, while Ethiopian lands will have soft floral notes.


Liberica is mainly grown in both Central and Western African lands. Liberia has got its name, which is the biggest cultivator and producer of the coffee bean species. This particular variety is world-renowned due to a bold and smoky flavor coupled with a tantalizing floral aroma. It has a strong nutty flavor but lacks the complexion of notes you will find in other bean varieties. This is why Liberica is usually mixed with others in different blends.


Next to Arabica, the most used coffee bean variety is the Robusta. Robusta is not grown in all the countries within the Bean Belt. Rather Africa and Indonesia are the largest producers of Robusta coffee. Since it is not pricey like the Arabica coffee, Robusta is considered an affordable original variety and is used in most blends. You can understand that the Robusta beans have a bitter taste with harsh but strong texture and flavors from the name itself. The beans taste like roasted ones, and a burnt note will easily overpower your senses. Due to the high caffeine content, the beans are darker in color and have such a bitter essence.


Excelsa is a variant of the Liberica species and combines both light and dark roast flavor notes. You will enjoy the subtle floral essence along with the bold, spicy, nutty, and woody flavor. Even though the caffeine content is considerably low in this coffee bean variant, the flavors are deep and bold, which is why Excelsa is so popular around the world.


Brewing coffee from freshly ground beans is a heavenly experience. This is why you need to learn more about the different variants of the beans to get the best one. If you do not like the solo flavors and textures, you can buy the blends for savoring the delicious beverage.

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