9 Beans & Lentils Highest in Protein [With Infographic w/ Name & Protein Values Inside]

9 Beans & Lentils having the highest protein value. See the chart here.

Name of the Beans / Lentils Protein per 100 gm
Roasted Soy Beans 43.3 gm
Raw Peanuts 25.8 gm
Lupin Beans 15.6 gm
Edmame Beans 11.9 gm
Boiled Red Kidney Beans 9.5 gm
Cranberry (Roman) Beans 9.3 gm
Lentils (Cooked) 9 gm
Pinto Beans (Cooked) 9 gm
Black Beans 8.9 gm

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beans and lentils with high protein value


Information source: https://tools.myfooddata.com/nutrient-ranking-tool.php?nutrient=Protein&foodgroup=Beans-and-Lentils&sortby=Highest&servsize=100g&list=Common&spices=Yes