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My Account on Foodnetizens

How to create an Account on Foodnetizens?
Go to the ‘My Account’ tab and click on ‘Login’ under the ‘My Account’ tab. Click on ‘Register’ tab.
How to Login on Foodnetizens?
Click on ‘Login’ menu tab to login to your account to read or share your post on

Sharing or posting on Foodnetizens

Who can share or post on Foodnetizens?
Anyone who wants to share food-related posts or sell such products or services, can share or post. It’s free to create an account.
How do I get my recipes published on Foodnetizens?
Go to the ‘+ Share Your Post’ tab to share your recipes, blog, restaurant reviews, news, food event, image post, or any post related to food.


What is AdEarn?
AdEarn is a tool on where Authors or Content Creators can earn by allowing ads on their own posts. It’s like Google’s AdSense.
What is the eligibility criteria for AdEarn?
To be eligible for Foodnetizens AdEarn you must have 3 approved posts (includes only full posts i.e. recipe post, blog post, etc.) on the platform.
How much can I earn through AdEarn?
We send you 70% of the revenue earned from your posts.
Who will decided the prices for the ad?
The author of the post (AdEarn Member) will decide the price of the ads.
Where can I show advertisers ad on my post?
You can put the ads anywhere in your post. We’ll send you an ad code that you have to add to your post.
Before I post the ads on my post, I would like to know the sizes and dimensions available.
You can check the ad dimensions from this link:
How can I start earning from AdEarn?
Apply for AdEarn from here: We’ll check your eligibility to join. If you are eligible we’ll send you your ad code or inform you what you require to do to be eligible for AdEarn.
When I get paid after joining AdEarn?
You get your AdEarn earnings transferred to your PayPal account between 10th and 15th of every month after successful payment processed from the advertisers.
Is there any payment threshold at
No there is no payment threshold. Whatever amount is there in your account is automatically transferred between 10th and 15th of every month to the member’s account.


What is AdEdge?
AdEdge is a tool on through which advertisers (especially in the food and beverage and kitchen tools industry) can advertise and reach their target audience. It’s like Google Ads.
Why should I advertise on I haven't heard of this before.
The following are some of the main reasons you should advertise on

1. By advertising on, actually a lot of influencers promoting your brand, product, or company. You can select the right influencers for your brand based on the followers on social media platforms, region, quality of content, and many other factors.

2. is a food networking platform and community of people in the food and beverage industry and foodies & food lovers. So, you get a filtered audience here and no waste of your advertising budget.

3. Our advertising model is very effective. Every post your ad is placed on, are sent in the users’ inbox. So, there is a definitive reach.

4. The influencer or the post you choose to advertise is also shared on Social Media Platforms.

5. Multiple ad billing methods.

6. Many other benefits.

How can I start advertising with Foodnetizens AdEdge?
Contact us with ‘Subject’ line advertising on Foodnetizens AdEdge –
What are the billing models available with Foodnetizens AdEdge?
Currently, there are three types of billing models available with Foodnetizens AdEdge – Pay Per Click, Pay Per Mille (Thousand) Views and Pay Per Day.
What are the ad sizes available with Foodnetizens AdEdge?
You can check the ad dimensions from this link: